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هدف ما که ایمانداران در مسیح هستیم این است که ماموریتی که عیسی مسیح در انجیل متی بما داده جدّی شمرده با هدایت روح القدس مژده نجات مسیح را به فارسی زبانان عزیز برسانیم و به آنانی که ایمان می آورند کمک کنیم تا در کلام در خداوند رشد کنند

Our mission is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all Farsi speaking people, specifically to those in Iran, using media (Internet, Radio, Web TV and Satellite), to make disciples for the Lord. We are privileged to do this work under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and in obedience to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 


Hayate Abadi Annual Ministry Dinner

JUNE 7 2024   5:30PM

We Would like to invite you to Hayate Abadi Annual Ministry Dinner on June 7th 2024. Please use the below link to purchase your tickets. We will be sharing what God has done in 2023 via our programs and outreach, enjoy Persian food, worship and praise the Lord together.

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